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Summer Camp 2024

“Embark on a Time-Traveling Adventure with Hive5 STEAM History Expedition Summer Camp!”

Join us this summer as we journey through time, exploring the fascinating history of diverse cultures, art, and science from ancient civilizations to the modern era in our history-themed STEAM camp!
Over 8 weeks, children will immerse themselves in the wonders of history through hands-on activities and challenges. Enroll your child in our STEAM camp and let them experience a summer of learning and fun. With our expert instructors and engaging curriculum, your child is sure to have an unforgettable experience, discovering the past in a dynamic and supportive environment.


Age: 4 – 5 yrs

At Hive5 Camp Junior, we celebrate the uniqueness of every child, encouraging them to explore and learn at their own pace. Our personalized approach to learning, combined with hands-on activities, ensures that each child receives the support they need to thrive. Our dynamic indoor/outdoor summer camp offers a blend of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Cooking (STEAM) activities, specifically designed for young children aged 4-5. Each day, our young campers embark on a new project, inspired by princesses, fairy tales, and cartoon characters, keeping them engaged, curious, and inspired as they learn STEAM concepts in a fun and simple way.


Age: 6 – 7 yrs

At Hive5 Camp Junior for 6-7-year-olds, we offer a unique journey through time as campers explore STEAM concepts from the early days of Earth to the future. Each week, campers will dive into a specific time period, from ancient civilizations to the modern era, experiencing different STEAM activities that align with each period. They will start by making simple tools inspired by early inventions and progress to designing robots and working with LEGO engineering to understand technological advancements throughout history. Along the way, they will also travel to different cultures, learning about their innovations and contributions to science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. This immersive approach ensures that campers not only learn about history but also gain hands-on experience with STEAM concepts in a fun and engaging way.


Age: 8 – 12 yrs

At Hive5 Camp Junior for 8-12-year-olds, our campers embark on an exciting journey through time, exploring STEAM concepts from the early days of Earth to the future. Each week, they immerse themselves in a different time period, experiencing hands-on activities that reflect the innovations and advancements of that era. From making simple tools inspired by ancient inventions to designing and 3D printing their creations based on different artists’ styles, campers get to see the evolution of technology and art firsthand. They also tackle challenging projects that push their creativity and problem-solving skills to the limit. With a new project every day, campers are constantly engaged and inspired as they explore the fascinating world of STEAM.


Age: 12 – 15 yrs

The Future Leaders Program at Hive5 STEAM camp offers a unique opportunity for campers aged 12-15 to explore their passions and develop essential skills for the future. Our dynamic program integrates Coding and Robotics, Scientific experiments, Visual Art projects, comic art and cartooning techniques, entrepreneurship boot camp, outdoor adventures, and various other outdoor projects. By participating in these activities, campers will not only enhance their STEAM skills but also build resilience and leadership skills. Join us this summer and let your child’s journey begin towards becoming a future leader!

Weekly curriculum:

Week1 (Short week)

Cosmic adventure

Embark on a cosmic journey to explore the birth of the universe! Through interactive activities, your child will learn about the Big Bang and how galaxies were formed, sparking their curiosity about the wonders of space.

Week 1 Curriculum:

  • Robotic Tuesday: Build a simple robot using craft materials to represent a space rover.
  • Art Wednesday: Paint a cosmic scene with watercolors, focusing on blending colors to create depth.
  • Engineering Thursday: Construct a model of a rocket ship using recycled materials.
  • Cooking Friday: Make galaxy-themed snacks using colored icing and edible glitter.


Ancient Wonders

Transport your child back in time to uncover the mysteries of ancient civilizations! From the majestic pyramids of Egypt to the incredible engineering of the Romans, this week will ignite a passion for history and culture.

Week 2 Curriculum:

  • Science Monday: Excavate “fossils” from homemade salt dough to learn about archaeology.
  • Robotic Tuesday: Program a robot to navigate through a maze representing an ancient ruin.
  • Art Wednesday: Create a mosaic using colored paper or tiles, inspired by ancient Roman art.
  • Engineering Thursday: Build a mini pyramid using sugar cubes or clay.
  • Cooking Friday: Cook and taste ancient recipes from different cultures, like Egyptian bread or Greek yogurt.


Knights and Castles Expedition

Step into the shoes of knights and princesses as we delve into the enchanting world of the middle Ages! Your child will engage in medieval-themed activities, sparking their imagination and creativity.

Week 3 Curriculum:

  • Science Monday: Experiment with simple machines, like making a lever or pulley.
  • Robotic Tuesday: Design a shield or armor for a robot to simulate jousting or medieval battles.
  • Art Wednesday: Create stained glass art using tissue paper and black construction paper.
  • Engineering Thursday: Construct a miniature castle or bridge using cardboard and tape.
  • Cooking Friday: Cook and enjoy medieval-inspired dishes, such as meat pies or honey cakes.


Pre-Industrial Revolution

Discover a world of simple machines and early innovations that laid the foundation for the Industrial Revolution! Through hands-on experiments, your child will explore the ingenuity of our ancestors.

Week 4 Curriculum:

  • Science Monday: Explore the properties of water and its uses in early civilizations.
  • Robotic Tuesday: Program a robot to simulate tasks done before industrialization, like farming or weaving.
  • Art Wednesday: Create cave paintings using mud or clay, inspired by early human art.
  • Engineering Thursday: Build a model of an early machine, like a water mill or simple windmill.
  • Cooking Friday: Prepare and taste simple recipes from pre-industrial eras, focusing on basic ingredients and techniques.


Industrial Revolution

Experience the transformative impact of the Industrial Revolution! Your child will learn about steam engines, factories, and inventions that revolutionized the way we live and work.

Week 5 Curriculum:

  • Science Monday: Experiment with steam power and its applications in early machinery.
  • Robotic Tuesday: Code a robot to perform tasks that were automated during the Industrial Revolution.
  • Art Wednesday: Create industrial-themed art using metallic paints or materials.
  • Engineering Thursday: Build a model of a steam engine or early industrial machine.
  • Cooking Friday: Cook using recipes that reflect the industrial era’s food trends, like hearty stews or breads.

Week6 (Short week)

Atomic Age

Dive into the world of atoms and energy! Your child will explore the discoveries of the Atomic Age, including nuclear energy and space exploration, inspiring a love for science and discovery.

Week 6 Curriculum:

  • Robotic Tuesday: Design and code a robot for a space mission simulation.
  • Art Wednesday: Create space-themed art or futuristic costumes.
  • Engineering Thursday: Build a model of a space station or spacecraft.
  • Cooking Friday: Cook space-themed snacks or meals, like “alien” cupcakes or “space” sandwiches.


Modern Wonders

From skyscrapers to airplanes, this week is all about the marvels of modern technology! Your child will learn about the innovations that shape our world today, sparking their interest in the future.

Week 7 Curriculum:

  • Science Monday: Experiment with modern technology, such as electricity or magnetism.
  • Robotic Tuesday: Program a robot to perform a task using modern technology.
  • Art Wednesday: Create modern art pieces or sculptures.
  • Engineering Thursday: Build a model of a modern skyscraper or bridge.
  • Cooking Friday: Prepare dishes that represent modern fusion cuisine or global flavors.


AI Era and Future

Journey into the future of technology with a focus on artificial intelligence and robotics! Your child will explore cutting-edge innovations that are shaping tomorrow’s world, igniting their imagination and curiosity about what lies ahead.

Week 8 Curriculum:

  • Science Monday: Discuss future technologies and their impact on society.
  • Robotic Tuesday: Code robots to communicate in different languages or mimic cultural gestures.
  • Art Wednesday: Create art that represents a vision of the future where cultures are united.
  • Engineering Thursday: Build a model of a futuristic city or transportation system.
  • Cooking Friday: Prepare fusion dishes that blend flavors from different cultures, symbolizing cultural unity.

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