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Hive5 workshops are an opportunity for kids, teenagers, and parents to experience a new activity and learn a new skill in a short time. It’s a family-friendly time to experience, explore and have fun. Most of the workshops are intended for the whole family to get involved.
Hive5 workshops are a hands-on and practical training experience that hosts professional educators, artists, engineers, etc. check the Workshop calendar and don’t miss out on the coming workshop.
All materials are included for each workshop.

Seasonal / Topic based Workshops

Hive5 provides seasonal or topic based workshop and activities for all kids.

Hive5 Plus

Hive5+ is all the programs that are hosted by Hive5 for the adults and mostly for the parents. Like parenting workshops, yoga, art workshops and …

Prepared for emergencies, Get the aid knowledge, and First-hand rescue.
Teenagers Workshop

Accidents don’t come with a notice!!!

Training Levels:
  • First Aid & CPR /AED Courses
  • Standard First Aid Class
  • Recertification
  • Private/Group Courses

  • At the end of the workshop, the FIRST-AID -AED-CPR.C certificate will be issued for the participants.
Parenting workshops
Participating parents must be fully vaccinated to enter our center. Temperature and online questionnaires should be filled out upon entry and participating kids are highly recommended to be vaccinated. Anyone who displays COVID symptoms, traveled or has been in contact with anyone who tested positive in the past 2 weeks, not wearing a mask properly and not respecting the rules of social distancing can’t participate in our workshops.

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