Future Leader Camp 2024



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Robotics Building 

Introduction to VEX IQ and VEX GO – Foundation knowledge of the robotics world that includes instruction of VEX competitions along with brainstorming different VEX robot functions. 

Building base bot of VEX GO with simple extensions (ex. LED Bumpers) – Hands on building by following instructions guild to create all fundamentals and extensions of robots. 

Complex extensions of VEX GO / IQ and Creation of new robots – Create robots that can perform harder tasks (ex. Claw bot) and free build of robots that applies previous knowledge and design skills. 

Software Programming 

Beginner & Intermediate level python – Knowledge and learning of Python knowledge that will be applied to the coding aspect of all robots created. Application of Python / coding concepts among free build projects during last day of camp. 

Engineering projects

Engineering building projects – Design with hands on experience regarding real life problems involving troubleshooting. Enjoy the mix of nature and science applications. 

Science knowledge 

Science Trivia & Short Lessons –  Improves understanding of scientific knowledge including Chemistry, Biology and Physics in the class room / academic environment.

Learning Path: 

The Future Leader Boot Camp combines hands on Engineering, applying Software Programming, experience robotics building and lastly learning plenty of science knowledge all in a team work environment. 

These 4 areas can benefit children’s logical, problem solving, application, persistence, teamwork and academic skills.

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Age Group

+12 yrs


9 am – 4 pm


July 8-12