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S.T.E.A.M stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. STEAM is critical to the future success of the young generation as the most core concept of future jobs are rooted in the 5 skills of STEAM education. At Hive5 we offer all STEAM classes during the school year for kids 4 years and up. We offer a risk free environment where creativity and innovation can flourish. Through STEAM lessons students should gain a real, hands-on understanding of major concepts rather than just knowing facts.

When children get a chance to express their creativity and dive into art, they will learn how to look at the world from different perspectives and they develop confidence, increase their creativity and critical thinking.

Art classes especially for kids help them prepare to take on the world with passion and imagination. Adding the Art to the STEM (STEM + Art = STEAM) learning promises to add dimension to STEM learning and make it interesting for most kids. Art draws us together with a power and beauty that lifts our spirits, elevates our thinking and enhances our experiences and it’s the best part of what makes us human. At Hive5 art studio, we believe in the importance of having a well-balanced development of both techniques and creativity to encourage a long lasting interest in Art.
At the end of the Semester we will have a public art exhibition of student’ work, with the works available for purchases and Students can take home a portfolio of all of their artwork.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. Pablo Picasso”

Creative Art class
Be imaginative and trust your intuition
In this class, Hive5 art instructors focus on creativity and uniqueness in developing artwork. During this course, the student will learn how to trust their intuition to produce their very own masterpieces. They start with simple patterns, learn about colors and create their own story and masterpiece step by step. No art background is needed, just bring out your inner creativity!
This course focuses on drawing and the students will work on different drawing projects. That is a great course for kids as it improves hand-eye coordination and increases individual confidence. During this course students will learn the drawing techniques and develop fine motor skills. Fine motor skills include any specialized movement of the hands, wrists, and fingers. Drawing encourages visual analysis and helps students to become a better viewer.
Mix Media Art class
Young Students will engage in a variety of art projects from drawing to crafting to sculpture and more in this art class. The purpose of this class is to develop kids’ fine motor skills and creativity through artistic activities. They enjoy while they create and we are not looking for the result in this course as they enjoy the creativity process.

Pottery Class

Clay has a calming effect and can captivate a child’s interest for hours.

pottery class provides students more than just new artwork for the home. It STEAM camp Newmarketcan enrich your children’s lives in ways ranging from boosting their self-esteem to improving their motor skills and even building muscle when learning to create more physically-demanding forms of art like sculptures.

Pottery class offers 3 semesters Pottery courses each year. The students start from air dry clay and learn pottery techniques such as pinch and coil to learn how to use some tools for scratching, glowing and fixing. After that they will focus on shaping the clay, working on the wheel, glazing, painting and creating.

Throughout the pottery classes, Students will create a number of artworks and experiment with various tools to transfer their ideas into sculptures. Pottery class is a fun, relaxing, mesmerizing and challenging activity for young children and teenagers.

All Materials included.

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