STEAM – Focused


Our program brings many benefits to kids who are between 4 to 12 years old. It emphasizes improving 5 different social skills based on STEAM knowledge.
We offer 5 different programs every day of the week.

(Transportation available in Newmarket)

After-school hours are golden times for kids in the learning process as they can review whatever they have learned at school while they can practically observe and experience that new concept in a hands-on based program. Here at Hive5 we value this time and try to help parents to focus on their work and be sure that their kids are on the ideal learning path. 

Hive5 after-school program emphasizes improving 5 different IQ & EQ skills based on STEAM knowledge. We offer different STEAM-based programs every day of the week. Starting the week with an art project and finishing with cooking. Every day a new project from a scientific experiment to an engineering challenge.

Each day students will be involved in a new project while they are doing the following daily activities:

  •  Homework completion
  •  Indoor and outdoor physical activities
  •  Dairy reading/Math program
  •  Participating in a monthly exhibition at the end of each month
  •  Dairy teamwork projects

Hive 5 inspires the innovators of tomorrow through daily STEAM projects 

Upcoming Technology Classes

school bus

List of schools with transportation option

  • Mazo de la Roche PS
  • Alexander Muir PS
  • Poplar Bank PS
  • Meadowbrook PS
  • Armitage village PS
  • Bogard PS
  • Prince Charles PS
  • Glen Cedar PSGlen Cedar PS
  • Good Shepherd Catholic Elementary

*If your school is not listed here, please get in touch with the office to explore the possibility of arranging transportation. Nevertheless, there is an option for after-school activities without transportation available.

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