Hive5 Term & Conditions

The safety of everyone in the program is of the most importance to us at Hive5 Learning Center. Each registrant must recognize a personal responsibility to learn and always follow the safety and
other rules established by Hive5 Learning Centre staff. I hereby agree that any behaviour of the reg- istrant that places him/herself or others at risk may result in the registrant’s immediate dismissal
from the program. Further, if dismissed from the program, I agree to cover any expense(s) arising from such dismissal. I hereby acknowledge and agree that no refund will be granted for dismissal or removal of the registrant at his/her request before the end of a program session. To ensure the
safety and well‐being of all individuals participating in the program, the Hive5 Learning Centre re- serves the right to alter the program at any time without notice or compensation to the Registrant.

Assumption of Risk and Indemnifying Release

While Hive5 Learning Center, staff and instructors will make every reasonable effort to minimize exposure to known risks associated with each Registrant’s (defined below) participation in Hive5 Learning Centre hereby acknowledge that I and/or my child if I am registering on his/her behalf
(collectively, the “Registrant”) may be required, depending on the nature of the Program, to partici- pate in various physical activities that may involve risk of injury. In this regard, I agree that I have
provided (if required) a complete and accurate health history and hereby permit the Registrant to participate in the full range of Program activities, except as specifically noted by me in the health
information section of the Program registration (where applicable). In consideration for the Regis- trant’s opportunity to participate in the Program, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby ac- knowledged, I hereby release and forever discharge the Hive5 Learning Centre, its respective offi- cers, directors, employees, volunteers and agents, and their respective successors and assigns,
from any and all liability for damages sustained in consequence of loss, injury or damage to the Registrant, and from all other actions, causes of action, claims, demands or damages of any kind with respect to death, injury, loss or damages to any person or property arising out of or connected with preparation for, or participation in, the Program.

Medical Emergencies

In the event of an accident, injury or illness involving the registrant, and immediate contact by the Hive5 Learning Centre with a designated Hive5 Learning Centre staff to secure proper medical
treatment and authorize on the registrant’s behalf all procedures, including, without limitation, ad- mission to an emergency unit, hospital and treatment therein, ordering of x‐rays, tests or treatment,
injections, anesthesia and/or surgery, as deemed necessary by the attending medical professional(s). I agree not to hold the Hive5 Learning Centre responsible for any costs or injury arising out of an emergency.

Commitment to Privacy

Hive5 Learning Centre is committed to protecting personal information by following responsible in- formation handling practices. We collect and use information you volunteer when you access or
register for Hive5 Learning Centre, to better meet your service needs, to ensure a safe environ- ment, for statistical and assessment purposes, to inform you about the Program in which you are
registered, and to satisfy government and regulatory requirements. You may also hear from us peri- odically about other Hive5 Learning Centre, services and opportunities that may interest and bene- fit you.


All programs are subject to change or cancellation due to low enrolment or other unforeseen cir- cumstances that are prohibitive to the operation of the program.

Media Release

I hereby give permission for my son/daughter/ward to be photographed/video taped during the Hive5 activities for the purpose of promotion which may be used to promote the organization at a
future time. I understand that these photographs/videos will be the property of Hive5 Learning Cen- tre and After School and may be used in flyers, brochures, posters, newspapers, video, social me- dia, and other promotional items that Hive5 Learning Centre and After School deems appropriate.

Refund Policy

At Hive5, our objective and goal motivate all students to stay in our classes. On the other hand, if participation was not possible, here are our policies for refunds and cancellations:
Cancellation Policy with a full/partial refund:
All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing via email, and they must be received at least one week before the starting of the class
Hive5 may decide that the student cannot continue according to the reason discussed with the parents or guardians.
Notice: Not all one-day events include a refund.



Summer Camp/Camps:

How you’ll be refunded

All refunds will be via either cheque or Etransfer into your account. Not that all the refund costs will be on Student


For any transfer to another class, if the new class is more expensive, the fee has to be paid before starting the class, and that would be possible only if there is an available spot.