Technology Classes

S.T.E.A.M stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. STEAM is critical to the future success of the young generation as the most core concept of future jobs are rooted in the 5 skills of STEAM education. At Hive5 we offer all STEAM classes during the school year for kids 4 years and up. We offer a risk free environment where creativity and innovation can flourish. Through STEAM lessons students should gain a real, hands-on understanding of major concepts rather than just knowing facts.

Upcoming Technology Classes

Upcoming Technology Classes

technology class


Robotics and coding are a fascinating field of Computer Science and they are  intertwined.  Robotics is a great way to introduce your child to STEAM-based learning at an early age and encourage them to get involved in coding concepts. Robots are the future and Coding is the future of literacy and it is really crucial to learn it.  

Kids can start learning coding as early as they start learning to read and write. Coding is a part of the educational curriculum in many countries.

Here at Hive5 we encourage the kids to learn coding through robotics. Coding is an essential set of instructions that a robot can read and execute. In Coding and robotics classes students use electronics, mechanics, and coding software to program robots to do particular jobs.

Here at Hive5, We desire to build tech literacy amongst kids and equip them with essential 21st-century skills. We’re proud to deliver hands-on and super engaging STEAM experiences for kids.

 Arduino programming for kids

Arduino programming is the best way to introduce children to a whole new world of electronics and technology. Through this course students will learn electronic fundamentals, coding and robotics.Students will work with microcontrollers, electronic peripherals, combination of circuits, and components to integrate them with software to build a robot.

a combination of circuits, coding, DIY, problem-solving, and creativity

Here are the skills students will learn
– Creating electrical circuits with Arduino microcontroller
– Programming Arduino with C programming language
– Designing and creating robots based on the Arduino
– Doing labs and hands on projects on each session based on the course curriculum
– Combination of circuits, coding, problem-solving, and creativity

VEX robotic class

AI and Robotics design and built class:

In a professional and organized approach, Students will design, build and implement Robotics solutions from scratch. With VEX robots the student will learn science and engineering as well. 

With using STEAM based curriculum and hardware based on the VEX we offer:

  • Inspiration with providing fun, hands-on activities 
  • Collaboration with encouraging all of the students to participate in the activities
  • Creativity with encouraging students to find new solutions by their own
  • Problem solving based the scientific strategies and troubleshooting the probable issues