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hands-on introduction to Python programming boot camp 

We are thrilled to announce that Hive5 Innovative Center in collaboration with the University of Toronto is organizing a hands-on introduction to Python programming boot camp that starts on Tuesday, Aug 2nd. We’re looking for students with ages between 11 to 17 and no prior Python programming experience.

Students will work on programming tasks one by one starting from easy tasks and progressing by learning the concepts that are used in more complicated tasks. Throughout the course, students will submit their solutions and the instructors will grade them with immediate feedback.

The class will be online, each session 90 minutes and there will be multiple sections every day to accommodate everyone.

Class schedule:

  • Aug 2nd: a quick introduction to the theoretical concepts of programming using Scratch
  • Aug 3rd – Aug 12th (except Saturday & Sunday): working on python programming tasks using CodingSteps
  • Aug 19th (Flexible): working on a final set of python exercises. We will include more days if a student is not able to attend on Aug 19th.
  • All students will receive a $50 gift card at the end of the class if they participate in all the sessions (Aug 19th)
  • In addition to the Python class, students can also participate in our two-week summer camp.

Additional information

Age Group

11-17 yrs


9 am – 4 pm


2-12 Aug