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Hands-on projects with Arduino

Course description:

This Module is designed to teach students about Digital /Electronic control systems by introducing and teaching them about electronics as well as Programming using Graphical language It is a tool allowing younger students who are not still good at writing scripts to be able to implement their logic and program and code their project.

 In these 5 semester modules, students will learn about the basics and fundamentals of electricity, and then after that, students will learn how to use Microcontrollers which is the programmable brain for any given robot.

 Numerous sensors and motors can be controlled using Microcontrollers to create autonomous robots. Concepts such as input/Output, Digital/Analog, Voltages, Circuits, and Resistors are introduced in this module. By the end of this module, students are ready to design, create, and code many robots. Virtual software is provided to students that simulates the actual microcontroller in both C++ / Graphical languages according to their age group. Students also have the option to get an Arduino and program a physical microcontroller.

Additional information

Age Group

+ 8 yrs


April19 – June21


4:30 – 5:30


Material Included/a certification will be issued at the end