Coding: Scratch, Python & C





Hands-on projects with Scratch, python and C

 Course description:

Embark on a Coding Adventure! Welcome to our Youth Coding Journey, an inspiring and comprehensive six-semester course designed for young enthusiasts aged 8 to 14. This unique program is your passport to the world of programming, where creativity meets technology. From your first steps in Scratch to mastering Python and C, this journey equips you with the tools to think like a programmer, solve problems, and bring your imaginative ideas to life.

Semester by Semester Exploration Our adventure begins in the colorful world of Scratch, where you’ll create animated stories and interactive games, learning the fundamentals of coding in a fun, visual way. As you progress, we’ll introduce Python, one of the most versatile programming languages. Here, you’ll start with basic syntax and gradually dive into more complex concepts like data structures and object-oriented programming. Your confidence will grow as you write increasingly co0mplete programs and solve real-world problems.

The journey doesn’t stop there! In the final semesters, you’ll discover the power of C programming. This language, foundational to modern computing, will challenge you to think deeper about memory management, pointers, and data structures. By mastering C, you’ll develop a strong foundation in computer science principles and system-level programming.

Beyond Just Coding Our course is more than just learning programming languages; it’s about developing a mindset. Each semester includes exciting projects that encourage creativity and innovation. You’ll not only learn how to code but also how to think critically and solve problems effectively. Upon completing each semester, you’ll receive a certificate of achievement, celebrating your progress and hard work.

Whether you dream of creating your own video game, programming a robot, or simply love the thrill of solving real problems, our Youth Coding Journey is the perfect place to start. Join us to unlock your potential and explore the limitless possibilities of the digital world!

Additional information

Age Group

+ 8 yrs


April16 – June18

Session #

8 Session


Tuesdays , 5:30-6:30


Material Included/a certification will be issued at the end