Why We Believe In Dirty Hands For Kids

With the arrival of the digital world, keeping up with real-life is a challenge especially for a younger generation. The situation got worse after the emerge of COVID-19 too. These days we tend to catch up more through social media with unreal friends rather than seeing each other personally. Children prefer to play together on-line rather than playing face to face and exploring the real outdoors.

We just read stories about dancing in the rain and the kids who play in nature or those who collecting bugs and chasing frogs and make their hands dirty. Dirty hands are mostly symbolic rather than daily routine life.

Especially after pandemic demand for on-line learning increased and people trap more and more in the digital worlds. Classrooms changed to sole bedrooms and outdoor recess time changed to online chat rooms and we forgot a very obvious fact about learning. “Learning is action-based” and a Hands-on process.

Why kids need to get their hands dirty

Here are three main reasons why we believe in dirty hand for kids:

Develop Motor Skills: children will develop muscle memory and also strengthen neuropathways in their brain while cutting papers and gluing the crafts together. Working with clays and balancing different materials to make a new ornament are all very important skills in learning as the kids are coordinating their fingers and minds.

Develop Social Skills:

Kids in action-based learning will develop their social skills and forming close relationships with real friends and family members. by making some handy projects their self-esteem will increase and they will be ready to share their achievements with others and involved them as well. Group-based activity work also helps students develop teamwork and social skills. These skills will later prove essential to their work and social life.

Promote creativity skills:

Doing hands-on projects like painting, crafting and construction projects promote kid’s creativity. They have a chance to take the risk and transfer their mind into a new masterpiece of their own while they did a fun activity as well. During these artful activities, children can express their imagination in different forms. It is an opportunity to translate what’s going on in their heads into a physical artwork and express themselves differently.

Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountains and the sea are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn in books.” – John Lubbock

How our program are set to make your children’s hand dirty:

We know as parents that today’s parent’s concern after a pandemic is to disconnect kids from the gadget worlds and connect them with the real worlds. Here at Hive5, we believe that learning is an action-based and active process and kids will learn when they make they had a duty. so we have many interesting and involving programs for your kids to disconnect them from the digital world and connect them with the real world.

We prepared a new environment for them to explore, experience and express themselves by making their hand dirty.

Tara Javdani – writer and Hive5kids Founder and owner