Hive5 STEAM clubs

Hive5 STEAM Club offers monthly/ seasonal project-based activities centered around STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) concepts. Children can participate in these engaging and educational projects, where they learn about a new STEAM concept each month.

The clubs provide a fun learning environment where each student can follow their own learning path, which parents can track. Students have the flexibility to continue with a specific concept or switch to explore something new, fostering adaptability and the ability to transition between activities. The overarching goal is to enhance children’s adaptivity and encourage them to explore a variety of STEAM topics.

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Not confident if our classes fit your child?

You may not be sure whether our program is fit for your child or not. We offer a free trial class for new families. Your child can test out our programs and in the meantime, you can tour our space and can ask our program advisors any questions.

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